15 June is a deadline

There the unilateral ceasefire declared by the KCK won't be extended after the general elections on mid-June.

Kurdish people must be aware of the fact that there will be no extension or cancellation about the ceasefire decision after 15 June unless the Turkish government opens the door for a negotiation.

I am expecting that AKP will start to work for a new Constitution after the general elections.

If the prime minister follows an oppressive politics against Kurds then he will have no choice but give up his role as a mediator and colluctor.

There is a danger that a large scale conflict between the Turkish army and the PKK would start and the field of this war will possibly be in the cities rather than the mountains.

About the negotiations between me and the state officials in Imral; That there is a possibility that they can develop a comprehensive plan for the solution to the Kurdish Question.

I call Kurds to participate the demonstrations in Kurdish cities until 15 June.  I also voiced my support for “civil Friday prayers”.

For the alliance of leftist political parties which is led by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) ; The alliance is not only for the general elections but for the process which will lead to creation of a new and democratic constitution.

Indicating that Kurdish problem could be resolved through democratic means.

The possibility is available for the solution of Kurdish problem through democratic means. If so, if a democratic solution is developed, the ways will be paved to Turkey for all fields including economy. But otherwise, there also exist the possibility of a great war development. Our people should know this and get prepared accordingly. Here, alone, I keep my searches for peace. The position of KCK, BDP, DTK is different. As I said before, the AKP applies pressure on the people and democracy powers with the mentorship of the circle we call police academy. Here, thousands of people are arrested for trivial reasons.

About situation in Syria; President Besar Al Assad should meet with PYD officials, the most popular political movement in Syria's Kurdistan. Syrian regime is trying to separate the opposition forces and the Kurds by some reforms and insisted that if Syria will take steps towards democratisation Kurds will support Assad.