The Kurds Must Evaluate Their Own Position in Face of the Latest Developments

It would have been good if the head of SDP was a candidate in the elections. This is also true of HAK-PAR.

Abdulalh Ocalan, 27.04.2011

It would have been good if the head of SDP was a candidate in the elections. This is also true of HAK-PAR. Apparently HAK-PAR has withdrawn from the elections and stated that they will support the candidates of the democratic block. This is a positive approach. Here the important thing is not the elections but to act in unity. The democratic block is strategic and should not only be geared for the elections.


It looks as if these political and military operations shall not cease. Moreover, they seem to be preparing themselves for a bigger attack. After the elections they may make these operations more comprehensive. They are doing this both in the rural areas and in the cities. They may attack MPs and the politicians too. They may repeat what they did to Leyla Zana and the others. No one has any security of life. We are passing through an important period. For nearly three years past I have had meetings with officials here. Interestingly, I even had a meeting on the day of the YSK (Supreme Election Board) decision. Their decision was aimed at sabotaging the meetings here. They tried similar tactics before. There was also the incident of nine villagers in Hakkari who were killed on the day they had come to see me a while ago. They had no idea what had happened. One of the other meetings we had coincided on the day the KCK arrests had begun.


Who is behind these KCK operations? It is politically important to expose all this. I therefore propose the commission for investigating the truth for these incidents to be exposed as well. The other two incidents, the killing of nine villagers in Hakkari as well as the decision of the YSK should also be included in this process. On the one hand they continue to meet me but on the other military and political operations continue.


There is an elimination policy being executed. They are making it more comprehensive. They may be delaying us. But I am very clear when I say I shall not allow them to do it. I have to make this statement. One can see the indications of this very clearly. The head of the CIA did not stay in Turkey for five days for nothing; this is an important development. It looks like Turkey and America agreed a secret deal. According to this agreement Turkey shall secretly support America's policies towards Syria, Iran and Libya. Turkey's policy towards Syria and Iran has been modified through this agreement. Prior to this the alliance between Turkey, Syria and Iran was effective. Turkey was a so-called anti-imperialist. For the last five years they claimed they were standing firmly against the US, they made it look as if they were in conflict with Israel. All this was nothing but a performance. This agreement has broken up the alliance between Turkey, Syria and Iran. Turkey shall now support American policies towards Syria and Iran. In return, Turkey shall attack the Kurds in any way it wishes. America will not care the least if the Kurds would repeatedly be massacred. They shall sacrifice not only Kurds but everything for their own interests. They will not care if the Kurds are massacred or thousands die. Within this framework they will not only increase the military operations but also target prominent Kurdish politicians as well as cadres. They shall try to eliminate them whether it is by arresting them or by other means.


America has taken a decision to freeze the assets of high-level PKK officials. In the meantime Turkey has decided to buy helicopters from the US. Do we have any possessions, does America not know that we have no possessions? These are their subtle methods, they are telling them “I am fighting against you” and “I have reached a decision against you”. A while ago they had put Karay�lan, Duran Kalkan and the others on the list too. This is a general policy of America and the UK that has been implemented for a while now. Turkey should not be deceived. Did they not do the same to Saddam? Did they not encourage Saddam to attack Kuwait? Did they not pull Iraq first into the Iranian then into the Kuwaiti swamp? They first told Saddam that they would support him; and encouraged him to attack both Iran and Kuwait. We all then observed the developments. They are doing the same thing now to Turkey. They are encouraging Turkey to attack the Kurds. But the consequences of this shall be devastating and severe.


Both Talabani and Barzani should be aware of the dangers. They are being included in this game. But they should be aware that if the PKK ceases to exist their life span shall not exceed 24 hours. If they succeed in eliminating the PKK their turn will come. Talabani and Barzani should gather the Democratic National Congress because of these dangers and for the joint interests of the Kurds. They are probably able to see what America is doing to the Middle Eastern leaders. They first brought Qaddafi to their own side, stroked his ego, allowed him to open his tent in the Elysee and in America. But now look at him. Bashar Assad's situation is similar. They first put him in contact with Turkey, they highlighted Esma Assad so much in the UK, they pampered her so much. But now Assad's situation is pitiful. Turkey is now modifying its policies towards Syria in accordance with its agreement with America. We all know what happened to Mubarak. For the past thirty years he was America's best friend. But America gave him up in less than twenty four hours. He is now said to be kept in a hospital. But indeed he is under custody and Israel is behind it.


This is the fate of the Middle Eastern leaders. Erdo�an should be aware of this. Now that they have reached an agreement with the US they are passing themselves off as a sub-imperialist country. Lately they have been proclaiming “they are the great, strong and influential model state”! Don't they learn any lessons from history? The samples of policies implemented by America and the UK can also be found in history. The British used the Greeks in this manner, they steered them into Anatolia for their own policies. The result was that all the Greeks were eliminated from Anatolia. They first pulled the Greeks to themselves then steered them into the swamp. They indeed sacrificed Greeks.  In addition, in 1925 they made it look as if they were pulling the Kurds to themselves during the Sheikh Said incident. They later approved that the Kurds could be sacrificed in return for Mosul and Kirkuk. This paved the way for ongoing Kurdish massacres and genocides. The decision on the Kurdish people's genocide had been taken in 1925. There are similar results of these policies during the Second World War. In order to bring Turkey to their side they approved Turkey's possession of Hatay during the Second World War and later. Later when Menderes no longer followed their own line of policy they eliminated him. When Özal too wanted to willingly develop a solution they eliminated him too. They completely did away with Ecevit too. In 2002 they wanted to act but this was invalidated with the enforcement of the repentance law. Since 2002 the AKP is handling it all. They began with the implementation of their elimination policy. They decided to divide and split the PKK. This resulted in Osman and Botan leaving the party in 2004.


There were prior examples of efforts by the US and the UK to reach an agreement with Turkey. In 1992 Do�an Güre� went to London and reached an agreement there. On his way back he said 'we have the go ahead'. A journalist at the time had written about this. Later they mercilessly attacked the Kurds. They savagely killed many people; there were thousands of political killings committed. Erdo�an is as yet not aware of it but power intoxicates. You know how Çiller was, how horrific she had become. Something similar is now being experienced. The head of the CIA has come here and signed agreements. But as I have been saying these are dangerous games. If Erdogan acts in accordance with these polices his fate shall be worse than all of them. I am warning him, I shall not accept any responsibility. From now on I shall not accept the responsibility for what develops. It is now becoming clear that since 2002, after AKP rule began, the GLADIO forces (I call them JITEM) attempted two or three coups. But they were not successful. After the summit on 5 November 2007 between Bush and Erdo�an the US openly switched its support from the army and began to support the AKP. In fact this is what they are doing with the Ergenekon trial. I had said that these generals had been “sold out”, later Veli Küçük also said that “they were sold that day”. He had indeed understood what happened to them.


They are trying to eliminate the BDP and the PKK through military and political operations and in their place they are trying to create a bogus Kurdish party. In fact this would not amount to a Kurdish party; the Kurds will not accept this party. They are imposing them on the Kurds. They have something else up their sleeves. They can't be a Kurdish party, they can't be an alternative. Kurds are in a terrible situation at the moment; each day they face being killed or arrested. They should think about all this; they should not abuse the Kurds who are in such a situation. Those Kurds who are candidates from other parties should also be aware of this situation. They should not allow themselves to be instruments of these policies.


They tried to set the Kurdish politics apart by declaring some “doves” and others “hawks”. There is a profound elimination policy being implemented. In fact this elimination policy had begun a while ago. Back in 2006 I had warned Kurdish politicians. But they did not understand me. I was not convinced by the meetings they had back then. But I did not interfere, I approved. The meetings with some Kurdish politicians were inconclusive. They do not understand, they are honest but they can be deceived. At the time, shaking hands with the MHP was part of this. The meetings that took place in Europe were linked to this. I was not convinced about the dialogues that occurred back then. I was wary but in order to give it a chance I had approved of it. Later they shut down the DTP. They were well meaning but they were not aware of all this. I narrowly saved them from it. Whatever they did through J�TEM in the past is now done through the police academy. They are twenty times more dangerous and worse than the CHP dictatorship of the past.  They may attack the Kurdish politicians. They may arrest those around them; family members and friends. They are already arresting them. They must be aware of this. There are so many arrests. They are eliminating them. What are the political forces doing? There are so many arrests and KCK prisoners. They can insist on a more influential practical and political action until these prisoners are freed. Diyarbak�r should own up to its children and the KCK prisoners. They should be able to say “if they are not freed then this is the action we will take”. This alone is a reason to struggle until some results are attained. The politicians cannot even be successful with this.


In fact �smail Be�ikçi was right in saying; “It is not correct for Ocalan to negotiate under imprisonment conditions”. But because there was no one else to do it I had to take on the responsibility. I would like to thank our people; they brought me to this level. The people stood by me, there is a special bond between me and my people. Kurdish politicians too said Mr Öcalan, showed me this form of address. I thank them as well but the conditions under which I am kept are quite restricted. I had previously said that I am being kept in a narrow corridor, I cannot move and my area for manoeuvre is restricted. The only thing I can do is to continue with the meetings with the delegation that comes here. I am continuing with this so that a glimmer of hope may be put to use. But it looks like they do not have much of an initiative. They are unable to make the AKP accept the solution we have determined. They cannot convince them. As far as I can understand they can neither make the army nor AKP accept the solution we determined here. They were also saying that they were uncomfortable about the KCK arrests and operations and find them wrong. The authorization level of the delegation is low and must be increased. There is a possibility that there will be one or two meetings until 15 June. After these meetings the situation shall become much more clear. I shall be preparing more concrete and practical proposals than the ones in the Road Map. But there are things that need to be done more concretely and clearly. If these are not done then there is nothing more to be done. This shall become clear by 15 June, everything shall become clear by then.


The fifth volume of my defences has not been given to the ECtHR. This is also an indication that they are annoyed with its contents. Thus, it is understandable that it is not given. I was going to call this volume “Kurds In the Grip of Genocide” befitting the situation. I later changed it to “Democratic Nation Solution”.


I call on the public of Turkey. The public of Turkey should be aware that this is all a game. America shall sell everyone for its own interests. This agreement made with America will not bring about a solution but lead to disaster. I shall not bear the responsibility for this situation. We indeed tried to attain a result through the solution of a democratic constitution. We did all we could to make a soft transformation. But we are unable to find a corresponding partner. But they are responding to our democratic constitutional solution with military and political operations and elimination.


I represent Kurdish people's honour here and until the day I die I shall not have it trampled over. In the face of these developments the Kurds must evaluate their own positions. The Kurds cannot give up their freedom. This ceasefire situation is understood wrongly. In order to give this period a chance to develop I had proposed the guerrilla not to take up raids on military stations or sabotages. And the guerrilla abided by this. In return operations decreased for a while. But this of course does not mean the guerrilla shall let themselves be annihilated. They should have protected themselves well, avoided clashes and if they are attacked they should be able to defend themselves in any possible way. If you are attacked you shall of course protect yourself and respond to it.  I said this many times over. I had some proposals to further develop the process in a sound manner. The four guerrillas who burnt themselves in Kandil should also be understood correctly. They saw that the process reached a bottle neck and burnt themselves in reaction against it. They sent a message to the administration with this. This is a huge resistance. It is historical and I commemorate them with respect. The incident of Mustafa Malçok is also similar. He has done this because of the frustration he felt for Diyarbak�r. He goes by the river and leaves a letter behind I believe. And he burns with his fist in the air and he does not throw himself in the water. This is an extraordinary will power. This is a historical action. This is an expression of a huge devotion, it is heroic. Everyone must be conscious of the responsibility these kinds of actions bring to all.


I call on the guerrilla as well. They should keep their own self-defence. They should be a guerrilla 24 hours a day. They should keep an eye open and be on alert at all times.


This situation must be evaluated by the people, the BDP, DTK and Kandil. They should take their own decisions. For the past twenty years everything is left on my shoulders. It is enough that they put me under so much pressure. The things I can do here are restricted; my conditions are severe and unsuitable. They should decide themselves what they shall do. Most probably there shall be no solution as elimination is further developed. They should thus prepare themselves in accordance. I did not call them to this fight and I shall not tell them to give up. Even if I tell them to do so, the Kurdish people who are keen on their freedom and honour shall not give it up. But if you say “we do not have the necessary strength and we do not want genocide like that of the Armenians, we are afraid of being murdered”, then I respect this. But if you say “we shall continue this struggle” then you must do what is necessary. It is not enough to just talk. If you have confidence there are the examples of Yemen and Tunisia before you. I shall not hold you back. They attained results in some places. Someone burnt themselves in Tunisia and in three days there was an uprising. There were those who burnt themselves on 15 February. If you can be worthy of them. Do not have any expectations of the mountains. If you can run the risk then do what is necessary in accordance. We wanted to give this dialogue a chance and that is why we said we shall wait until 15 June. But now look at what is happening. They must make their own decisions. If you have the strength then you shall prepare yourselves, construct democratic autonomy and enforce it. 

Here is what I can say about Syria; Assad's situation is as I have described. America first pulled him to its own side but now he is at a critical stage. He shall either surrender like Zeynel Abidin or pave a path for a solution or he shall forcefully be eliminated. If it is the last option then he shall lose it all, including his family. The Kurds in Syria should act in unity.


I wish all the success to the labour, freedom and democracy candidates and send my greetings. Ertu�rul Kürkçü and the others should play their roles well. I send my greetings to �erafettin Elçi as well. This period is very important and they all have responsibilities. I wish all of them success.


I send my greetings to our people in general, the youth and the women in Van. Van is a place of importance. I wish them success. I would like to say a few things in relation to our women friends. There are letters that have reached me from Bak�rköy and Adana Woman's prisons. I find the level of depth in the letters very positive. Their progress and depth has given me hope. They should share their views with one another and with all the other women prisoners around the country. They can thus further advance their views. I would also like to send my greetings to Mehmet Aras who is severely ill at Erzurum Prison. I would like to express my condolences to the family of �brahim Oruç who lost his life in Bismil. I finally send my greetings to our people in I�d�r and Do�ubeyaz�t.