After general elections either negotiation will begin or war

There is a great repression against Kurds. They must make their decision

This process certainly would not accept any mistakes. After 15 June, after the general elections, we can expect only one of the two options: either we enter a reasonable negotiation process or a big war will explode

Law can’t exist at the pincers of genocide. Turkey doesn’t even have the grounds of a true real legal order which is required before the justice. Just like everything else, a true law can’t exist either without a proper democratic ground.

As an umbrella organization, DTK can lead the struggle. They need to make their own decisions. They can create their own leaders. Kurdish politicians couldn’t open a political area. They were unable to record much progress in this respect. They are being expelled

There is a big push to exclude Kurds from the political arena. The Kurds must make their decisions. It is also important to give the right decision. They must determine an attitude against these oppressions. There is not much I can do here. We have one and a half months left. But I or the committee can’t do much against the government's current attitude. We can at the furthest hold several more meetings and I can’t do much more afterwards