Time for HDP in order to end the AKP-MHP regime

04 Jun 2018
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The only party that can overthrow the fascist power of the AKP-MHP is the HDP...


KCK’s Hozat: Time for HDP in order to end the AKP-MHP regime

KCK Executive Council member appealed to Kurds and Alevi in Europe to vote for HDP.


In an interview with Yeni Özgür Politika paper, KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council co-chair, Besê Hozat, said that Kurds and Alevi intellectuals who have been forced to go to exile in Europe have the power to put an end to the AKP-MHP fascism.


The elections on 24 June, Hozat said, are Turkey's most critical elections in history and she appealed to people of Turkey living in Europe: “The only party that can overthrow the fascist power of the AKP-MHP is the HDP. If the HDP doesn’t overcome the threshold, the AKP will win 60-70 MPs in Kurdistan for free. Kurds, Alevis and women living in Europe need to go to the polls and give their vote to the HDP to prevent this from happening”.


Noting that the Kurds and Alevis are under the threat of genocide, KCK Executive Council Co-chair added: “With the 24 June elections the AKP-MHP fascist regime is expected to carry out the centuries-old Kurdish genocide policies and practices in absolute terms, even with civil war. Thus, in Erdogan's fascist dictatorship, a racist-religious regime is attempting to eradicate the life of all the different and oppressed identities, especially Kurds and Alevis”.


AKP-MHP are on a death bed


The dictatorial and militarist war policy carried out by the AKP-MHP fascist government is on a death bed. The AKP-MHP war lobby has thrown Turkey into a major crisis and chaos.


In Turkey, production-based economy, like agriculture has been exhausted. Rural area collapsed, economic, ecological genocide have led to a great cultural, social genocide”.


Hozat continued: “The occupation of Afrin also plays an important role in the decision of calling a snap election. The political conjuncture and balance of the region may also change at any moment. Many situations may arise to disrupt the plans of the AKP-MHP fascist government. There is no doubt that it is a boiling situation”.


Vote in Europe is important


“Europe is really key. - said Hozat - the HDP needs the votes of our people and friends in Europe to overcome the threshold.


The Kurdish and Alevi population is quite high in Europe. This election is important from Kurds and Alevis’ point of view. The AKP-MHP regime has carried out a genocide policy against Kurds and Alevi and see this election as the chance to complete its work. Which is why Kurds, Alevis and all peoples of Turkey in Europe should go to the polls and vote for the HDP, to get rid of the AKP-MHP fascism”.


The vote of women to the HDP


Women, in and outside Turkey have a big role to play in ensuring the HDP to overcome the threshold with their vote, said Hozat. “The AKP-MHP government is a sexist, anti-women alliance. We all know that the right wing government based on nationalist, sectarian-religious, and sexist ideologies is enemy of women”.


Pointing out that “intellectuals, academics, journalists, politicians, artists, patriotic democratic people are being arrested”, Hozat said: “Even the liberal democratic and conservative sectors, which once played a major role in the AKP's rule, are being liquidated. The state is being redesigned by the AKP-MHP.


This liquidation policy is not only in the army but also in the judiciary, in MIT, in education, health, economy, politics, sports, in all areas of life. Turkey's prisons are full of intellectuals, writers, artists, academics, journalists, politicians. Those who are not jailed have fled to Europe. In this sense, there is also a great brain drain happening”.


Appeal to intellectuals


Hozat concluded her interview by saying: “Artists, politicians and intellectuals know very well that the way to overthrow the AKP-MHP fascist power is ensuring the HDP overcome the threshold. In this respect, both voting for HDP and inviting the society to vote for HDP is a humanitarian duty, as well as a left-socialist, democratic, libertarian and liberal democratic intellectual duty.


Every vote to the HDP is a vote for democracy, freedom, equality, justice. Bright and beautiful days will come. There is no doubt that it is the intellectuals who know this truth best”.


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