19 Jul 2019
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 Temmuz The July 14 resistance represents a very important period for both the PKK and the history of Kurdistan. The July 14 resistance was a resistance that also determined the direction of Kurdistan and PKK history and the Kurdish Freedom Struggle. In many ways, this resistance has the characteristics that direct, develop and bring the Freedom Movement to the present day. In this respect, the July 14 resistance should not be seen as any resistance. It is necessary to deal with the events that shape the history and determine the future. Although it is a resistance that took place in the prison conditions, Kurdistan, Turkey and influencing political developments in the Middle East, has revealed important results. The reason for this is the policy applied to the prisoners in the dungeon where the July 14 resistance took place. Prisoners in the dungeon were not only wanted to be taken over, but in the dungeons, a discipline and a system were not desired. With the policy against the PKK prisoners in the dungeon, the Kurdish Freedom Movement has established a system of persecution aimed at breaking the Kurdish people's hopes of freedom and preventing the rebellion of the Kurds against genocidal colonialism. It has very sinister aims. People's hope of PKK prisoners would be buried in dungeon concrete. As a turning point in the history of Kurdistan, the emergence of the PKK on the stage of history, the policy implemented on the prisoners in the dungeon will become an unexplored phenomenon that has not been experienced in the intended surrender. In the dungeons, the PKK's hope of freedom of the Kurdish people would be eradicated, and on this basis, a pacification in Kurdistan would be created and the Kurds would be subjected to genocide. To this end, a special policy was implemented in the Amed Dungeon. Appointments as well as applications are private. You can set up any kind of persecution on the prisoners in the Amed Dungeon, you will take prisoners with this persecution, you will regret them for joining the PKK and you will give up your thoughts. You will create the perception of the Kurdish people that kimse no one can resist and oppose colonial genocide, and you can do all kinds of persecution for this. ” That is why the practices in the Amed Dungeon are inhuman, and all kinds of methods and methods are tried. ”


"September 12 military coup fascist main purpose to strangle the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people in the developing and the liquidation of the revolutionary democratic movement in Turkey. It was later revealed in various documents that the main aim leading to the coup was the developing freedom struggle of the Kurdish people. Kenan Evren made it clear that they had dar decided during the passage of the helicopter over Hilvan-Siverek on the way from Mardin to Ankara ’. The Turkish state has a basic policy and constitution, which is to bring the Kurds to genocide and to make Kurdistan the sphere of Turkish nationalization. If this goal is compromised, any means and method can be tried for it. ”

“They should be known by the Kurdish people. When this is known, the value and historical significance of the July 14 Resistance is better understood. The July 14 Resistanceists saw very well what the September 12 fascism meant for them. They have seen the hope, fate and future of the people to be played with. In such a case, of course, the Leading Cadres of the PKK will fulfill their responsibilities as per their promise to the public. They will frustrate the genocidal colonialist aim of the enemy. They will also shape history with their actions, positions and attitudes. In this regard, the Leading Cadres, 14 July Resistance, the ominous aims of the genocidal colonialism to bring to the depth of consciousness as well as knowing how their actions will produce a historical result, they realized their actions with this consciousness. Therefore, they started their actions with great enthusiasm. They lived every second of their lives with great enthusiasm. The moment they reached the martyrdom was the highest of enthusiasm, excitement and morale.
With their actions, they said, tarz We will create the style, youth and staff of the Kurdistan revolution, and we will bury you in the concrete of the Amed Dungeons ’. They have demonstrated this stance with their actions. ”


Because of these characteristics of the July 14 Resistance fighters, Karasu headed towards the mountains of Kurdistan in 1994, and told Abdullah Öcalan himself: “Karasu, I don't want anything more from you. You tell these insurgents, personality, style, militancy, style of our movement into the style, style, militancy, make it understand, can not be greater work than this. ”He said.
En The most important common feature of these insurgents is that they have a deep awareness of the importance of the PKK's emergence on the stage of history. The free and democratic life of the people of Kurdistan can only be achieved by the leader Apo line, stance and PKK militancy with the revolutionary personality created by the PKK.

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