Persistence on socialism is persistence on being human

The perception of truth is the main power of our freedom which can not be virtualized. A human being is free in accordance with his/her perception of truth. As socialization is increasingly becoming virtualized, as the voice, action and organized power of the truth, our party PKK’s webpage suffered from cyber attacks. Because of this our webpage was not available to the public for some time. We were targeted because we were telling the truth.

Recently some members of Turkish intelligence service (MIT) were captured by Kurdish Freedom Guerrillas as they were planning to spill blood and target our Freedom Movement’s high ranking officials. As we published the news of this development our website was hacked by the officials of the fascist Turkish state.

We are back online and our website is now better and efficient with more content. We will continue to disturb the fascism, the world’s fundamentalists and chauvinist powers, in short all the systems of colonialists which tries to dehumanize our society.

With the enthusiasm of Democles, with Socrates’ motto “know yourself”, with the power of the righteous we put on the faith of the Abrahams of the world. We come with our cross on our back like Jesus. We walk like Noah who survived the flood. Like Mohammed we fight against the ignorance and what we do is the great jihad. From the tailor Hermes’ of the world to the Zarahoastra; from the Mansur Al-Hallajs of the world, the Pir Soltans of the world to Babek; from the Manis, Abuzers, Sheikh Saeds, Sayyid Rezas of the world to Beses, Mazlums, Kemals, Saras, Rozas, Beritans, Zilans, Delals, Atakans; and all other most beautiful human beings, we say that their words, their beliefs, their path and their actions are ours.

We swear that wherever there is a fascist, colonialist, oppressor, cruel murderer we will stand against them along with freedom fighters, the victims of colonialists, and the oppressed. Whatever the name of the cruel is, even if its ISIS, AKP-MHP or BAAS, we will continue to follow our path like the bullet of honour leaving the barrel. We will pay whatever the price is even if it’s our life. We will never quit on freedom which is the Qibla of the Babeks of the world. We will never take another path other then free life, which is our love of truth.

Maybe the fundamentalists, colonialists and imperialists have more economic power than us. And maybe they are working non-stop to put the world on darkness. But even a small friction of the truth is more than enough to eradicate all the evil. This is the ultimate result, but the timing will be determined with our methods and tempo. The decisive factor will be the organized struggle of the peoples, who are captivated with the idea of freedom and long for to be free.

On the anniversary of the 8 March, as the PKK website, we came as the proof that Saras, Zilans, Beritans and Semas of the world are immortal. Our actions will be the proof and practice of this.

On its 41th anniversary our party PKK showed that it will continue to be the peoples’ hope of freedom and salvation as it was until now. We will try to reflect the ideas of our leader Apo, by publishing his analysis’, books as well as publishing our Party’s official statements, articles by our movements leading members, articles, photos and videos of our martyrs, snapshots of life of Kurdistan Freedom Guerilla and ideological, political, cultural, political, social, economical analysis.

Our socialization is our sanctity. The holy idea of socialism is our path which we follow like a compass. Therefore we cry out like our Leader: Persistence on socialism is persistence on being human.

With our best Apoist regards.

Site Admin

8 March 2019