The ongoing World War III in the Middle East is nearing its 30th year. Without a doubt, the most significant part of this war has been...

The peoples of the Middle East and humanity in general are experiencing a new Newroz. The Kurdistan Freedom Struggle developed under the lead of modern day Kawas protect and defend peoples and humanity from modern day Dehaks of ISIS and AKP-MHP fascism. The 2631-year-old legend is revived as the strongest truth of our day. The oldest day of freedom, Newroz and its reality of unity, resistance and victory achieves its strongest meaning in today’s struggles. From the creator of Newroz, Kawa the Blacksmith, to the Modern Day Kawas Mazlum Dogan and Zekiye Alkan, all our valiant martyrs live on in the freedom struggle our people raise.


As a movement and a people, we greet and we live the 2631st Newroz with the “Break the Isolation Tear Down Fascism Free Kurdistan” resistance move. The ongoing Great Hunger Strike Resistance led by Democratic Society Congress Co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Guven has continued for over 130 days. A historic antifascist resistance is developing around the hunger strikes for our people and forces of democracy led by the valiant guerrilla forces. With the all-out struggle for freedom that is a great consciousness, great faith and great will, we live Newroz according to its truest meaning.


On this basis, we celebrate Newroz Day of Freedom for Leader Apo, all hunger strikers in the persons of Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz, all comrades in the party, our patriotic people, the forces of democracy and humanity at large. We salute the resistance that has made history and wish them great success in the new year of Newroz. We remember all our martyrs of the struggle for freedom with respect and gratitude in the persons of our Great Newroz Martyrs Mazlum Dogan, Mahsum Korkmaz, Zekiye Alkan, Rahsan Demirel, Ronahi and Berivan. We repeat our promise to achieve their goals and keep their memories alive. We express our great faith in this Newroz year witnessing one of the greatest victories of freedom in history.


The ongoing World War III in the Middle East is nearing its 30th year. Without a doubt, the most significant part of this war has been in Kurdistan against the ISIS and AKP-MHP fascism. The mindset and politics that imposed colonialism and genocide upon the Kurdish people manifest as fascist terrorism and massacres in the Middle East and throughout the world. It is clear that Kurdistan being held under colonialism and genocide feeds fascist terrorism and massacres in Turkey, the Middle East and the world in general. This has become concrete in the Imrali torture and isolation system. As such, all who say they are against fascist oppression, terrorism and massacres has to stand against the colonialist and genocidal hegemony over Kurdistan and the Imrali isolation and torture system.


As the Kurdish people and the Freedom Movement, we are waging a historic struggle for freedom against modern day tyrant Dehaks ISIS and the AKP-MHP fascism, paying a great price. We have launched a historic Free Humanity March defending the whole of humanity against a capitalist modernity craze of a fascist genocidal mindset and politics. Striking the AKP-MHP fascism, we weaken ISIS and other such fascist gangs and, as seen in the Northern-Eastern Syria example, we work to defend and protect all of humanity from fascist terror and massacres as we clear ISIS and other such fascistic gangs. All should see this truth, and act justly. As such, we are calling on everybody who is loyal to democratic values to see these truths, to stand against the Turkish state genocide in Kurdistan and to recognize the reality of the Kurdish people as well as their democratic rights.


As a movement and a people, we are greeting the 2631st Newroz with a historic and wholistic resistance in the line of victory. This drives the fascist-genocidal mindset and politics personified in the AKP-MHP administration mad, because all fascist, colonialist and genocidal mindsets see their downfall in this historic struggle. The Erdogan-Bahceli fascist dictatorship attacks everything in this craze they created, they spew the vilest insults, they know no morality or law, they imprison and murder dozens of people every day, and they turn the Imrali system of torture and isolation into an administrative way to impose it on all of Turkey, as well as threatening to exile our people from our lands of tens of thousands of years like the Union and Progress pashas. But whatever they do, they can’t stop their own downfall and demise. Faced with the developing move for freedom by our people, they see clearly that they will end up in the trash bin of history and their fear increases every day.


It can be seen clearly that as the fascist genocidal attacks and massacres increase, our people and our allies grow and develop the struggle in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad. The people of Bakur (North Kurdistan) and the peoples of Turkey are preparing to teach a new lesson to the AKP-MHP fascism in the upcoming March 31 elections alongside forces of democracy. Our people in Rojava are coming together with Arabs and all peoples of Syria to bury the ISIS gangs and create their own free defense system. The people of Bashur (South Kurdistan), who put forth their fury and protest against the AKP-MHP aggression and Turkish state invasions clearly in the Sheladize uprising, create the line of national unity against the fascist-genocidal mindset and politics and are calling on all Kurdistan patriots to create such a unity. Our people in Rojhilat support the resistance in all other parts and prepare themselves for anything to come, knowing that they are a historic revolutionary force. Our people abroad and our allies lead our victory move with the brave and sacrificing resistance they develop.


We as a people greet the 2631st Newroz with such foundations, and we live in a most suitable way for freedom, unity, resistance and victory. Actions for freedom develop everywhere, led by women and the youth. The 'Break the Isolation, Tear Down Fascism, Free Kurdistan' resistance move developed under the lead of the hunger strikes continues to grow into victory. The heroism of Mazlum and Agit, the line of July 14 resistance and victory drive this historic march. It can be seen clearly that this resistance will reach a peak with the Newroz celebrations and will be crowned with victory in the new year of Newroz.


As such, we celebrate Newroz once again for everybody. We call on women, the youth, all our people and our allies to embrace the Break the Isolation Tear Down Fascism Free Kurdistan resistance move more, to diversify and spread the actions for freedom, to continue our resistance move in the line of Mazlum’s and Mahsum’s heroism, to achieve absolute victory and to fill the streets and the squares with great enthusiasm for the Newroz Day of Freedom!”