The attacks carried out by the invading, fascist and genocidal Turkish state against the freedom guerrilla, people and lands of Kurdistan continue. Neither the Turkish Republic nor its collaborating forces do not even feel a need to cover up the genocidal attacks. The people, nature, language, culture and national unity of Kurdistan are targeted in the person of Kurdistan freedom guerrilla. Our guerrilla forces are fighting to protect the core values ​​and national honour of our people with their self-sacrificing resistance.

Suffering a heavy defeat against the guerrilla resistance, the Turkish state cannot not carry out its occupation operations and has attacked the Maxmur refugee camp on 5 June 2021, which is under the supervision of the UN and Iraq. Although the Turkish state is responsible for this attack, the Iraqi state and the UN, which remained silent and even paved the way for the threats and invasion attacks of the fascist dictator Erdoğan, also bear responsibility for this attack.

Based on what laws do the drones and fighter jets of the fascist and genocidal Turkish state fly over a refugee camp that is under the control of the UN and the Iraqi state? On the basis of which international law is the airspace used for attacks targeting civilians? It is not possible for the Turkish state to use the airspace and carry out an attack without the consent of these forces. Turkey wants to indicate that they will target every Kurd who claims her/his language, culture and patriotic duties, even if they are civilians, and to suppress the resistance and struggle of our people.

The people of Maxmur have always promoted resistance and patriotism, from Botan to Maxmur, against the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state since 1993. Therefore, the recent attacks are a part of the genocide plan of the Turkish state and are doomed to failure. It is the responsibility of the UN, EU, Iraqi, Kurdistan local government and the KDP to stop the attacks against our people in Maxmur, which defy all international law and human values. We urge these forces, who have remained silent, approved and paved the way for these fascist and genocidal attacks, to perform their duties. Maxmur is Kurdistan's honour and a stronghold of resistance. We therefore strongly condemn this attack against our people in Maxmur.

In the morning of June 5, 2021, the news that a group affiliated with the KDP's Zerevani group, which attempted to enter the guerrilla areas in Metina, was targeted by our guerrilla forces was deliberately disseminated to the public. The news that a peshmerga had been shot in the Derkare area on June 8, 2021, was attributed to the HPG forces by the KDP. These reports do not reflect the truth, they are fabricated for manipulation and aim at legitimizing the invasion of the Turkish state and avoiding the defeat of the Turkish state. We condemn all these fabricated and baseless news and statements targeting the guerrilla and our movement.

Although the HPG has announced to the public that it has nothing to do with both incidents, it is a very purposeful and planned smear campaign of the KDP and its press to blame honourable guerrilla forces for these incidents. The guerrilla forces have been resisting heroically and successfully against the fascist Turkish state for 46 days and the Turkish army is about to take a hammering. The KDP is spreading such fake news on purpose at a time when all the Kurds, especially our people of South Kurdistan, and the world public opinion take a serious stand against the invasion, plunder, theft and massacres of the fascist Turkish state.

Another remarkable point is that such fabricated reports were disseminated after the recent meetings of the fascist Turkish state with the KDP in Hewler. Our guerrilla forces are targeting the Turkish state which is planning and attempting to occupy South Kurdistan step by step and have been mounting historic national resistance for decades against these genocidal attacks. The opportunism and provocation of the forces, which are unable to take a stand and will to resist the Turkish invasion and are taking advantage of the revolutionary war position of the guerrilla who pays the price and resists Turkish campaign to occupy the areas used by the guerrilla for 25 years, is unacceptable. The KDP legitimizes the Turkish occupation by blocking the struggle of the people and political forces against the Turkish state. Furthermore, the KDP should withdraw its troops that it has deployed to both Metina and Berbizina areas.

South Kurdistan's status, free and democratic life cannot be achieved by remaining silent against the Turkish invasion, but by supporting those who resist it. The South Kurdistan Parliament is also charged with this task. The South Kurdistan Parliament should look at the current events basing on the sensitivity of Kurdish patriotism and call all parties to join a common resistance against the invasion of the Turkish state. We also call for any attempt to be avoided to ruin national unity and to promote the invaders in this war of honour and patriotism waged by the freedom guerrillas with a great self-sacrificing spirit.

Our guerrilla forces are fighting for a free and honourable life against the fascist invasion attacks. We invite all forces of Kurdistan and our people to take sides with the guerrilla and defeat the occupation together.

Down with the Fascist-Colonial-Genocide Dictatorship!

Long lifes our struggle for freedom and democracy

Long lifes the revolutionary people war!
Bijî Rêber APO


9 June 2021

PKK Foreign Relations Committee