Now we are entering the tenth year after July 19, 2012, the date when the Rojava Freedom Revolution began. This revolution has been shining the world brightly like a star for nine years; it is a new beacon of hope for all humanity, especially for women, youth and workers. The revolution shows everyone that it is possible to create a world in fraternal, democratic unity. This revolution defeated the criminal ISIS, the calamity for the Kurds, especially women, and the peoples of the Middle East and the world. This revolution is the first comprehensive practical implementation of Leader Apo's (Abdullah Ocalan) "theory of democratic modernity" and has created an important accumulation of revolutionary experiences with lessons.

On this basis, we salute the spirit, will and revolutionary courage of July 19. We congratulate all the people of North and East Syria, especially the people of Rojava for their collective revolutionary democratic successes. We congratulate the freedom revolution of Rojava for all freedom forces, our people and the peoples of the Middle East, women and all oppressed, but especially Leader Apo. We pay tribute to all our heroic martyrs in the person of Rojava's great revolutionary leaders, Şîlan Kobanê and Xebat Dêrik. In particular, we salute all those who are leading the war of liberation against the occupation in Afrin, Girê Sipî and Serêkaniyê and wish them the greatest success.

We are convinced that even though this revolution took place in a small region, it is an inseparable part of the democratic revolution of Syria, Kurdistan and the Middle East. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of all the oppressed, especially women and youth, and laid the foundations for an alternative democratic system to capitalist modernity. Especially through the fight against the IS, the revolution has proven its internationalist character. Actions took place all over the world and people from many peoples of the world were organized into units for the war against IS.

Here, too, we see and understand that the Rojava Freedom Revolution, while containing national and democratic characteristics, is essentially a women's liberation revolution. From the very beginning, a model based on women's leadership has been realized in all fields of revolutionary work and struggle. This has been more than evident in the past nine years of revolutionary process. Thus, it has been clearly proven that a social life based on women's freedom can be created. It has thus been made clear to all that this will be the basic character of the new century.

But the revolution of Rojava is also a revolution of truth. It is based on Leader Apo's theory of democratic modernity.

On this basis, it is clear that it has developed in the form of building a democratic nation based on a free, individual and democratic commune and on the democratic autonomy of all diversities. On this basis, the model of democratic autonomy, based on the free individual and democratic commune and including all diversities, has been developed in the form of the democratic nation. It is a revolution of mentality and way of life. It is based on the creation of a free individual and a democratic society. All this takes place with education and persuasion at the mobilization level. Because of this character, the revolution is open to the most diverse types of relationships and alliances. It is a revolutionary experience that offers very rich lessons in every respect.

The Rojava Freedom Revolution, which creates such values and wealth, is now entering its tenth year. In a context where patriarchal and power politics-based state systems have extended their rule based on oppression and exploitation across the globe, the very fact that the Rojava Freedom Revolution has existed and developed for nine years is a great achievement in itself. Moreover, it has become obvious that it has made important developments in the last nine years in spite of its shortcomings and losses. We believe that in the tenth year, new revolutionary achievements will be made by overcoming even more mistakes and shortcomings.

As is known, the tenth year represents an important turning point in life. Because it allows to reflect in any way and take stock of what has happened and what has been created. It offers the chance to draw profound lessons from the past, to renew oneself, and to plan for a strong future. We believe that in the tenth year, the freedom revolution will be looked at in the same way, and rich lessons will be learned from the past nine years through profound criticism and self-criticism along the lines of democratic modernity. Thus, the tenth year of the revolution will become a year of offensive for the deepening and perpetuation of the revolution. There is no moment of pause in this revolution of truth, a revolution of mentality and way of life. It is permanent. The decisive thing is to pursue the free life in love. With the power of thought and practice, one must constantly search for the good, true, beautiful and free life and thus strive to achieve the truth of a right life. In this sense, it is certain that the freedom revolution of Rojava, which is also a revolution of truth, will deepen and develop even further in its tenth year.

It has become clear that through a proper understanding of self-defense and the corresponding practice, the defense of society will be strengthened. Based on self-defense, the economic, social, political and cultural development of society will be advanced. The leadership of the revolution by women and youth will be further strengthened by eliminating shortcomings. With the right political line and effective diplomacy, the dangers of the revolution can be avoided. We believe that this is possible and that the freedom forces of northern and eastern Syria have the awareness and strength to do all this. On this basis, we once again welcome the beginning of the tenth year of the Rojava Freedom Revolution and wish the peoples of northern and eastern Syria every success in the tenth year of the revolution!

Long lives the soul and the will of the 19 July Revolution!

Long lives the hope of the peoples the Revolution of Rojava!

Long lives Rêber APO!


18 July 2021