We are welcoming the 37th anniversary of the Revolutionary Guerrilla Struggle of August 15, 1984. As the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we have been waging an uninterrupted war of freedom against fascist, colonialist and genocidal mentality and policies for 37 years. This noble struggle, which we have waged under the leadership of Öcalan and which has resulted in tens of thousands of martyrs, has affected the whole Middle East and the rest of the world.

We glorify the historic 15 August Heroism March which has been continuing uninterruptedly for freedom and democracy for 37 years under the leadership of our party. We commemorate all our heroic martyrs with respect, love and gratitude in the person of comrades Agit and Zilan, the immortal commanders of the historic great lunge, including our great 15 August martyrs Zeki Şengali, Atakan Mahir and Agit Garzan. We state that we will fight stronger and achieve greater success in the 38th anniversary struggle which we will devote to the memory of our martyrs.

As is known, the Revolutionary Guerrilla Struggle against the fascist-military regime of September 12 began with the guerrilla actions carried out in Eruh and Şemdinli on August 15, 1984. The freedom fire that started in Eruh and Şemdinli 37 years ago has developed and grown against all difficulties and obstacles for 37 years, and currently it influences the whole Kurdistan and Turkey and inspires the Middle East and the world. The freedom and democracy fire introduced by the Democratic Modernity Line developed by Öcalan, illuminates the whole region and the world, and instils the hope of a free life for humanity.  

We know very well that for the last 37 years great achievements have been realized in terms of Kurdish existence and freedom based on the August 15 Guerrilla Lunge. But for the guerrilla struggle, which carried the historic Great Prison Resistance to the mountains, nothing tangible would have remained by now in the name of Kurdishness and Kurdistan. Fascist oppression and persecution, occupation and genocide, pacifism, collaboration and betrayal would have pervaded everywhere. The lands of Kurdistan would have become the scene of any and all kinds of decayedness, foulness, reactionism, male dominance and slavery of women.


The August 15 Guerrilla Lunge has illuminated Kurdistan. The Kurds have enjoyed freedom thanks to the August 15 Lunge. The spirit of freedom, consciousness, will, courage, self-sacrifice, organization and action have emerged on this basis. The truth of the Leader and Martyrs, which is the greatest achievement, and party organization and guerrilla movement have come to existence by virtue of the 15 August Guerrilla Lunge. Our people and the land of Kurdistan have attained the power of self-defense for self-protection and vengeance on the enemy. The Women's Liberation Revolution, the greatest liberation deed in history, has emerged on this basis. The popular resistance and democratic nationhood led by the youth and women has become a centre of attraction that inspires everyone. Under the leadership of Öcalan, Kurds were reborn as a free folk, attained a true awareness of truth and undertook a Truth Revolution that pioneers all humanity.

Undoubtedly, the Revolutionary Guerrilla Lunge of 15 August is not only an enlightenment and liberation movement for the Kurds, but also an enlightenment and democratization movement for Turkey and the Middle East. The 37-year historical struggle has changed the face of Turkey and the Middle East. It has unmasked all lies and deceptions and revealed the truth of the Middle East and humanity based on the Kurdish freedom. It has paved the way for a free common life on the democratic nation line. It is very clear that the hope of a free and democratic life in Turkey and the Middle East remains alive today on this basis and the future will be created on this basis.

Our heroic guerrilla forces are still fighting with the spirit of Eruh and Semdinli, in all Medya Defense Zones, particularly in Metina, Zap and Avaşin, including all mountains and cities of Kurdistan and Turkey, and are delivering devastating and fatal blows to the AKP-MHP fascism. As the guerrilla strikes, our people and democratic forces become conscious and stand up, and a great Freedom Movement is being manifested all over the world, which is leading the AKP-MHP fascism to collapse. As the guerrilla strikes, the AKP-MHP fascism is going down and rapidly verging towards its inevitable destruction.


The AKP-MHP fascism is trying to introduce new methods of lies and oppression. It resorts to the most reprehensible attacks from looting and plundering Kurdistan and Turkey to racist-chauvinistic massacres and lynches. It is trying to prolong its life by oppressing and suppressing the youth, women, the public and democratic politics. All of these do not prove its strength, but the collapse it has been going through. Therefore, the AKP-MHP fascism should not be given the opportunity to do so. By developing a conscious and organized anti-fascist struggle in every field, it is necessary to bring the fascist murderers to account.


It is obvious that the historical freedom struggle of our heroic guerrilla and our people under the leadership of our party will pursue the line of the Leader and Martyrs on the 38th anniversary of the 15 August Lunge. Based on the revolutionary people's war strategy, our movement and our people will mobilize all their strength and energy for a revolutionary war against AKP-MHP fascism. Our movement will lead the “Dem Dema Azadîyê” [Time for Freedom] Campaign, which aims for Öcalan’s physical freedom, to victory. It will develop its national-democratic system and democratize Turkey and the Middle East. It is no longer possible for the Kurdish people to stray from such a struggle and development. The 38th Struggle Year will prove this fact.

We urge everyone, especially women and youth, to celebrate effectively and enthusiastically the anniversary of the 15 August Lunge wherever they are. We call on our patriotic people and our revolutionary-democratic friends to further develop the struggle for freedom and democracy in every field!

Long lives the 15 August and the spirit Victory!

Long lives Rêber APO !


12 August 2021