Turkey’s attacks aim to enforce the Shengal Agreement

These attacks were basically carried out to enforce the Shengal Agreement of October 9 between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Iraqi government and impose it on the Yazidi people. It means either you accept this agreement, or the Turkish state will continue to bomb Shengal. Since the KDP and Iraq have kept silent about the attack, it also means that they want to use Turkey to implement the agreement. They are using the Turkish attacks as a blackmail tool.

We will eradicate the PKK in Shengal.' This is actually an attack against free Kurds, against free spirits and against the Yazidis. This is like the ISIS. There is no difference anymore between what the Turkish state is doing today and what the ISIS did in 2014. The United Nations should say the following to the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party: 'How can you implement a project on your own without seeking the opinion of the aezidi people?' How can you decide on Shengal without doing this?

We believe that Egypt and Jordan want stability in Iraq. They are Arab countries. Iraq is also an Arab country, and it is only natural that they want stability and peace. However, nothing good will come out of a meeting or relationship involving Turkey for the peoples of the Arab world or the Middle East.


31 August 2021