Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Executive Committee 34th anniversary of the founding

To Our People and Public Opinion

Our Party PKK is leaving behind officially its 33rd and in general 39th year of epic resistance and struggle with the utmost belief, decisiveness and preparation to bring about the freedom of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the people of Kurdistan, which are at this time under merciless isolation and oppression.

From the first words that were spoken, to the first relations, discussions, organisation and action, till today, the epic struggle of the PKK against colonialism, treachery, all types of reactionary activity, exploitation and injustice was created in the most difficult conditions by the great mind, courage, sacrifice and heroism of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan; we celebrate the 33rd founding and struggle year of the PKK in his person.

We also celebrate the PKK’s 33rd founding and struggle year for all PKK militants, cadres, fighters, sympathisers, supporters, our people, the families of our martyrs and peoples’ of the region!

The PKK is a martyrs’ party. The most important factor in the walk to freedom is the labour of our martyrs’, which began with one of the leading cadres of our Party, comrade Haki Karer, and was continued by comrades Halil Çavgun, Salih Kandal, Mazlum, Kemal, Hayri, Agit, Beritan, Zilan, Viyan, �ilan, Adil and Nuda and recently by Rüstem, Çiçek, Ali�er, Baz and the martyrs of Geli Tayare. We commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution with respect and gratitude and promise that we are going to crown the freedom struggle with victory in their memory.

Our party, since its inception, has been struggling for the existence, freedom and honour of the Kurdish people against the genocide begun by the racist-chauvinist Unionists at the beginning of the 20th century, which aimed to end the freedom of the Kurdish people and wipe them out from history. In this sense the decision taken on 27th November 1978 to become a party was also a decision for national existence and resistance. This is why today this day is being celebrated as national resistance by our people.

Over the years the PKK has fought to safeguard and realize the freedom of the Kurdish people against the physical and cultural genocide and assimilation policies of the Turkish nation-state. Our party has staged a great resistance against one of the biggest army’s in the world, supported by NATO, and also Gladio (deep state) organisation to bring the Kurdish people to the point of declaring democratic autonomy.

The militants and cadres of the PKK have not shied away from any sacrifice for the freedom of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. They have sacrificed their lives willingly in torture chambers, hunger strikes, on mountains and in streets for the Kurdistan freedom struggle. Today this tradition continues ever more strongly.

Contrary to the claims of the Fethullah-AKP organisation, who are the new implementers of genocide policies against Kurds, all the gains and values created for the democratic national creation of the Kurdish people have been created by the great resistance and struggle of the PKK. No power can conceal and obscure this truth regardless of their lies.  

At a time when no one had the courage to speak the names ‘Kurd’ and ‘Kurdistan,’ the PKK began a struggle and has created a society that has been transformed from being alienated to its own language, land, history and Turkified, to a society that is bound to its national values, is patriotic and has developed democratic values. To create a people that can think, organise, resist and struggle for itself from a people that was depressed and in denial is nothing short of a social and national revolution.

The PKK has created the biggest social revolution in the reality of woman. When before the women of Kurdistan were ignored and oppressed today they are leading the way in all the social and political spheres of the struggle and daily life. The youth of Kurdistan who were also in the grips of the policies of genocide and assimilation have now become the other leading force of the freedom struggle. Furthermore the proletarian has gained the consciousness to claim his land, labour and freedom.

Today the people of Kurdistan who were threatened and bullied with policies of massacre, oppression, torture, genocide and assimilation are in a period of great resistance to form democratic autonomy and defend their gains by staging uprisings and supporting their guerrilla forces.

Despite all the efforts of the Turkish colonialists’ special war, international financial powers, and the green gladio (Islamist deep state), the people of Kurdistan, from the first day, have progressed on the road opened by Leader APO and the PKK because of the seriousness and consistency of their revolutionary, democratic, emancipatory, democratic socialist,  political and moral stance. The people of Kurdistan see their future in the freedom philosophy, ideology and lifestyle of the PKK.

The struggle of the PKK has defeated the strategy that rested on white-Turkic fascism. Now Turkish colonialist power has been taken over by the green-Turkic fascism of the F. Gülen jamaat and the AKP and they are attempting to trick the Kurdish people and democratic public opinion by continuing the genocidal and denial policies against Kurdistan and the Kurdish people using the slogan ‘individual rights.’ In essence this is a policy of cultural genocide spread over a period of time which aims to make the Kurdish people the raw material of the Turkish nation-state and Kurdistan the playground for the expansionist exploits of Turkification. However just as the representatives of white-Turkic fascism Do�an-Güre�-Çiller were defeated by the might of the freedom struggle the initiators of green-Turkic fascism will also bow down in front of the people of Kurdistan and their leading force the PKK.

Regardless of the amount and intensity of the bombs rained down upon the Medya Defence Regions and all parts of North Kurdistan every day and hour, it is a certainty that our movement will reverse all these attacks and defeat the colonialist fascism of the AKP government. Just as they did before our people will once again avenge the amoral and no holds barred war being carried out against them.

Our Leader Abdullah Öcalan has said, “The construction of Kurdish society as a democratic nation is the foremost duty of the new identity period of the PKK. The achievement of this is only possible if it can make the elements of its system an alternative to capitalist modernity’s.” In previous years the PKK, through great sacrifice, has gained many historical experiences for a democratic nation construction. The duty of all our cadre and militants in the period ahead is to construct and defend the democratic nation.

We are greeting the 34th year of the PKK at a time when the creator of our party our Leader Abdullah Öcalan is under severe isolation, Kurdish politicians, intellectuals and their Turkish friends are the target of political genocide operations, annihilation operations against guerrilla forces are being carried out incessantly, there are attempts to isolate the PKK in the region and around the world and historical changes are taking place in the region.

We are calling on all the militants, cadres and fighters of the PKK to overcome all weaknesses and create a stance that will bring about victory against the AKP – Jamaat’s fascist attacks which are aimed at eliminating our Party. The fundamental target for this period is to guarantee the freedom of our Leader and the people of Kurdistan.

We are also appealing to the patriotic people of Kurdistan in the four parts and also abroad to make the 34th year of the PKK a year for the creation of stronger national democratic unity ties, and ever more magnificent and decisive uprisings. Furthermore we are calling on the brave women of Kurdistan and its heroic youth to undertake the most honourable duty by joining the guerrilla forces and leading the uprisings during this historical period.

26th November 2011
Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Executive Committee