Kalkan: AKP policy based on elimination of Kurds

Member of Executive Committee of People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Duran Kalkan

Duran Kalkan stated that the AKP government’s idea for the new term is based on a policy of elimination of the Kurdish movement.

Pointing out that the government intends to create a collaborative Kurdish formation, Kalkan made significant statements as to the reason of the deadlock in the negotiations between the state and the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali.

Underlining that protocols were presented to Prime Minister Erdogan himself to enable him make a decision, Kalkan remarked that the negotiation process was going to begin so as to implement a peaceful and political solution based on these protocols. “The AKP government disagreed with these protocols, and this led to the disappearance of leader Ocalan’s ground for peace-making in developing a peaceful and political solution” said Kalkan.

ANF talked with KCK Executive Council member Duran Kalkan about the new policy developed by the AKP against the Kurdish Freedom Movement.


Kalkan stated that the Turkish governments have always had policies of destroying and eliminating the PKK as all the governments so far have taken up the position to win through the Kurdish genocide and eliminate the PKK. Similarly, the AKP government also set on this ground while coming to the power in 2002 and Abdullah Gul took over the prime ministry position from Bulent Ecevit on the same ground, said Kalkan. The AKP has acted in accordance with the policy assigned to it, underlined the KCK Executive member.

Kalkan remarked that the U.S., EU and the status quo supporter powers in the region, Iran in particular, stand behind this policy which seems to be approved partially by the KDP and the PUK as well. Marking that an alliance was formed with the Kurdish Regional Government during the meetings in Hewler last year, Kalkan noted that the operations on Defence Regions of Medya aim to defeat the guerrilla and the political genocide operations on the other hand intend to eliminate the democratic Kurdish politics, while the Leadership in Imrali is already considered to have been disabled within this process. The plan of this concept, added Kalkan, is to keep a tight rein on the Kurds within the AKP and to organize a political movement by gathering Kurds such as Kemal Burkay and Sivan Perwer who make politics and so to say oppose to the PKK. The remains of the PKK will be integrated into the AKP regime and be included in the system, remarked Kalkan.