Karayılan: Nothing will be the same after revolts

Great opportunity for Syria and Western Kurdistan

Speaking on Saturday’s at the Kurdish “Bernama Taybeti” (Special Program) on Roj TV, President of Executive Committee of People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Murat Karayılan made significant statements concerning the recent developments in Syria, Western Kurdistan and the region. Karayılan remarked that they considered the rise of region’s peoples as appropriate and supported this uprising, adding that they however objected to external interventions.

Karayılan said that “Intervening external powers rebuild the regimes tied to them should people fail to bring their own democracy, this worked in the same way in the past as well. Therefore, democracy needs to advance with the will and power of the region’s people. Developments show that regimes will change in any case now. Nothing will be the way it used to be, a new process is waiting for the region".

Karayılan noted that the Kurdish people are the most oppressed people in the Middle East and added that “The land of the Kurds was divided into four parts. Their identities have been denied and they have been subjected to policies of denial and destruction in every area they have lived for 90 years. If it is a matter of people who need democracy the most, the Kurdish people will no doubt be the main name to be mentioned here. Despite all intentions of external powers to intervene, the days when peoples will obtain a real democracy are approaching. This process will be lead by Kurds.”

Mentioning the hot environment in Syria, Karayılan indicated the historical opportunities arising for Western Kurdistan in connection with the most recent developments. Karayılan noted that the Kurds on this part had obtained some rights and warned that “What matters here is to make good use of these opportunities. However, it seems that there are some problems and games in the current situation. Our patriotic and conscious people in this small part should form their unity and impose itself on the system. It would be useful - he said - to remind that the Syrian regime has changed many times between 1945 and 1963 however Kurds never drew advantage from this situation. Once again today, there is a similar historical opportunity for Syria and Western Kurdistan where Kurds can obtain their fair basic rights and gain recognition as a people. However, there is a need here to ensure Kurdish unity and strategy which can’t be achieved now since everybody is backing away to one side.”

Karayılan noted that external powers, especially Turkey and the U.S., intervene in some opponent groups in Syria and said that “The national assembly formed at the present doesn’t have a vision towards Kurds different than that of the government. The situation of Kurds hasn’t been brought to the agenda in any way.”