The spirit of August 15 continues with a new step and attack. As a result, the revolutionary struggle of the August 15 Initiative will result in the complete liberation of Kurdistan and the annihilation of colonialism. This attitude is carried on with a larger offensive, a larger fight. The guerrilla is unquestionably leading this fight, and the guerrilla inflicts defeats on the enemy on a daily basis in Kurdistan's highlands of Avaşin, Zap, Metina, and Heftanin. The guerrilla maintains this spirit by striking them, thrusting daggers into the core of fascism and servitude and shooting bullets.

We are on the 37th anniversary of the 15 August 1984 Initiative. What does this breakthrough mean for  Kurdistan society and what are the gains it has brought since 1984?

August 15th is a resurrection move of the Revolutionary Guerrilla Initiative on behalf of all oppressed peoples. That is why I salute Rêber Apo, the architect of this resistance, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, who resisted and created epics with tremendous heroism in the name of humanity, and all the people and youth of Kurdistan on their 15 August Resurrection Day. I remember all the martyrs of the revolutionary breakthrough with love, respect, and thanks in the person of the great commander Mahsum Korkmaz, who led this courageous fight.

August 15th symbolizes a watershed moment in Kurdish history, when, in the face of dreadful fascism and extinction, humankind resolved to live with its own will and identity to survive. The breakthrough on August 15 was built on a foundation of enormous resistance, valour, and sacrifice. It was founded on the sacrifice and bravery demonstrated by the great prison resistance of Ali Çiçek, Mazlum Doğan, Kemal Pir, and Haki Karer.


This breakthrough has advanced to a higher level by becoming a guerilla movement and deciding to appear on the stage of history once more for all mankind, for all oppressed peoples. As a result, in terms of the 15th of August initiative, becoming guerrilla and commencing on the struggle as guerrilla is the holiday of all oppressed peoples. It is the choice of a people facing extermination and slavery to live in order to be reborn. That is why the August 15 Initiative is so significant to Kurds and the rest of humanity.

That is why Leader Apo dubbed the breakthrough a "Kurdish Milestone." Indeed, it was a watershed moment in Kurdish history, when they restored their self-confidence and began to live with their own identity, launching the national revival war against fascism and colonialism. There is, without a doubt, a foundation, history, consciousness, and leadership reality upon which this is built. Apo, the leader, created this reality.

What is the place of the youth of Kurdistan in this breakthrough?

The 15 August Revolutionary Guerrilla Initiative, also known as the first bullet, came from the determination of Kurdish youth to live freely against fascism of their own volition. It was the first bullet fired into fascism-slavery. The first bullet fired at fascism-slavery, constitutes a period when the Kurd, rising from his own ashes, gained consciousness, self-sacrifice, and courage. The August 15 Revolutionary Guerrilla Initiative is undeniably founded on historical foundations, accumulation, and legacy.

It is a process that began with Leader Apo's choice of existence and independence in 1973 Newroz for the liberation of Kurdistan from colonialism. This struggle began as a youth organization known as the Kurdistan Revolutionaries. It grew as a result of the vitality and fighting spirit of youth. It all started on August 15, 1984, with a guerilla initiative in Eruh and Şemdinli led by Commander Mahsum Korkmaz. The battle that developed gradually became a decision bearing with great courage, commitment, and sacrifice against colonialism, slavery, Kurdish extermination, and genocide. As a result, it provided immense encouragement to the entire Kurdistan region, to the Kurdish people and youth. As a result, guerrilla participation spread throughout Kurdistan in waves.


Formation of a guerrilla force in the liberation movement was a stage in Kurdistan's struggle to maintain its existence and achieve its freedom. This is how it evolved in an unidentified terrain that had been left face to face with extermination, against colonialism, against enslaved Kurdishness. The August 15, 1984 Initiative is a revolutionary move that has a history of changing Kurdistan's future. It is the Kurd's decision to exist. The only way and method for this is to resist, fight, confront and defeat the enemy. This kind of consciousness emerges. It stems from the conviction that struggle is needed to smash colonialism and the fascist genocidal system. And Leader Apo, as the architect and forefather of this battle, presents it to the Kurdish people.

Without a doubt, the guerrilla struggle that arose in Kurdistan's highlands with the August 15 Initiative is a battle developed by Kurdish youth. It is their choice to become free. It is a decision to save Kurdistan, the homeland. It is a decision to create free Kurdishness. As a result, it is a battle developed by all of Kurdistan's youth, whose hearts are covered by the fire of freedom.

At which stage is August 15 in today's struggle, and how does the spirit of 1984 reflect on it?

We can tell that the conflict has progressed to a new level. The August 15 spirit lives on with a new step and attack. As a result, the goal of the 15 August Initiative's revolutionary struggle was the complete liberation of Kurdistan, the annihilation of colonialism and fascism. This spirit continues with a more powerful push, more ferocious combat. The guerrilla is unquestionably leading this battle, and the guerrilla maintains this spirit by inflicting defeats on the enemy every day in the mountains of Kurdistan, in Avaşin, Zap, Metina, Heftanin, and all the Northern mountains, thrusting daggers into the heart of fascism and slavery. It is a tenacious spirit. And it is a spirit that will inevitably triumph.

Kurdish youth are also leading the way. The task of expanding the guerilla and merging with this spirit has always existed across Kurdistan's geography, in all Kurdistan cities, and wherever Kurds dwell.

What are your aims as Komalên Ciwan in the 37th year of the breakthrough? Do you have a message for the Kurdish youth?

As Komalên Ciwan, we take part in the battle and activities aimed at organizing all Kurdish youth, removing fascism from Kurdistan, establishing a free country, and constructing a democratic living. As Komalen Ciwan, we maintain our claim to unify the youth of all Kurdistan in the 37th year of the 15 August Initiative and to strike the final fatal blow to the enemy within the framework of guerrillaization, militancy, and the liberation of Leader Apo and Kurdistan. With this goal, claim, and desire, we will fight with all of our might.

The genocidal regime has rolled up its sleeves and is carrying out an all-out aggression with the ultimate goal of perpetrating massacres against Kurds all around Kurdistan. Without a doubt, in a process when fascism is attacking by all means and methods, in Kurdistan and Turkey's metropolises, in all parts of Rojava and Bashur outside of Northern Kurdistan, trying every day to destroy the free Kurd, to destroy the values that the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle has gained at great cost, the Kurd has no other option except to defend himself and resist.

It is time for Kurdish youth to take action against colonialism as a whole, as the fascist genocidal dictatorship grows more enraged by the day, and is engaged in a war and attack to expose the Kurds to genocide. With this faith and courage, we call on all Kurdish youth to join the guerilla ranks and defeat fascism.


13 August 2021