Our goal is changing

The leader of the Kurdish People, Abdullah Ocalan, expressed and divided our history of the Freedom Struggle into three distinct periods. Already


19 Nisan 2010
A member of the Executuve Council of the KCK, Duran Kalkan, have said, "Until now, we have had give a struggle in every field of political, military and ideological areas in order find a solution only through ' a political dialogue'. This was our only goal and now this is changing. Now, we, ourselves will build our own democracy by organize and develop a democratic society in relevancy to develop our own solution with our own self-power."
Kalkan anounced the end of the third period of the Kurdish Freedom Movement since the start of a new strategy. The announcement came after the declaration of the Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan.    
Also, Kalkan call to an attention the tripartite coordination's 'action plan' and emphasised that this plan is "to destroy and liquidate the PKK". "This is a plan made by the USA".
During the interwiev made by the ANF, Kalkan gave important information about military operations, new military stations established like a shield, deployment of large number of paramilitary forces on the borderline, and their purpose. Kalkan said, the number of soldiers deployed to the border line is twice the number of the soldiers two months ago. He said, " A fence made of a military stations all along the Turkey-Iraq border. And, these military stations filled with military and special paramilitary forces. These paramilitary forces, which the ones organized into as six brigates by Ilker Basbug, are all deployed to the area".             


- ANF: Mr. Ocalan proclaimed that the third period was over in the history of the Freedom Struggle, and a new era has begun. What is the character of this new era? What will be the changes, demands and, how would the struggle be during this new era?

Duran Kalkan: The leader of the Kurdish People, Abdullah Ocalan, expressed and divided our history of the Freedom Struggle into three distinct periods. Already, we have been always described the last 15 years of the freedom struggle as a Third Strategic Period. 
For over a decade, we have had gone through a strategic change and restructure to continue to our march. Now, the end of this period came to agenda. 
The first period of the PKK is the period between 1973-1983. This period was the formation of the PKK. During this period: The ideological and political line of the PKK has been formed; development of the core of the party, the public relations, resistance, and the provement of the party with the development of the resistancy in both prisones and outside the country, and a realization period of the movement can lead the people, ...   

The second period is the period from 1984-1993. This is also a period to become a party in the national resistance struggle. A period of a starting Natioanal Liberation Resistance together with start of a  guerrilla resistancy. However the necessity for the formation of the Party needed in the first period of the resistance, in the same manner, the guerrilla and popular resistancy also emerged in the second period of the history. This period has created two fundamental values: First, the guerrilla force of the people and the creation of the self-defence line. Second, on the basis of Natioanal Revival Revolution of 'Serhildan's', a new society started to be emerge...    

The third period is from 1993 to 2003 and, yet prolonged until the present time. In fact, this period actually ended after overthrow of the Saddam with USA's intervention to the Iraq and AKP's coming to power in 2003. the USA intervention was not only to Iraq, but against the entire Middle- Esat. This intervention was also a move against our movement. In meam time, the AKP also devopleped political games against our movement as well.... 

Therefore, the process of change was delayed until today. The main character of this new period is whether there will be a solution or liquidation. The state or the State' Denial and Destruction System has carried out a destruction policy against our movement from 1993 to 1998, on the basis of a concept of 'Total War', and continued iin 1998 on the basis of international conspiracy. The aim of all these attack carried out was to destroy and dispose our movement. We, in generally, frustrated all the attacks carried out against us with the resistancy of our leadership, guerrilla and the people. On the other hand, we impose a solution of the Kurdish problem on the basisi of a political dialogu by putting forward a process of a Democratic Politicall Struggle. For this, we went through a strategic change and restructure. We took a passive position on the guerrilla defence. Our guerrilla forces stayed in this position for a long time, from 1st of September, 1998 to 1st of June, 2004. Yet, despite all our efforts, eventhough our decision taken on 1st of June, 2004, on the basis of advances in the struggle to force a more active political dialogue to bring the Denial and Destruction System to a political dialogue, did not justify the solution...    


We have also provided significant improvements during this process. On the basis of a new paradigm, we made a new strategic change and organizatioanly restructured ourselves, after 1st of June a major breakthrough made on the basic organizational recovery, created a new opening, and in relevance to this, improvements made on the organization of the democratic people. However, were unable to achieve a political solution to the Kurdish problem. Despite of all our efforts, the Powers, who have interest in the problem, did not justtify such a solution...    

During this period,  despite we have provided some tactical gains on some matters, yet couldn't be able to reach to a political solution on the Kurdish issue as a strategic success. This process comes to an end. So, the solution to the Kurdish problem on the basis of a strategic political dialogue exceeds. So far, our only goal for all our work in the struggle was  to open a political dialogue and fdevelop a democratic political solution to the Kurdish problem. Al the forces in relation to the Kurdish question have not shown such a solution approach and we can not continue to our approach alone. Therefore, the third strategic era has now been completed. Now, as a movement, we are entering into the first quarter of the fourth strategic period.   


ANF: What is the main character of this period?

Duran Kalkan: This is a period of protecting existence and develop our own freedom. This period still have a dual character. The protection of the exisrence is still on the agenda. Why? Because, there are no changes in denial and annihilation policies of the state. The system can not perform denial and annihilation policies as it was doing at past anymore. These approaches have been frustrated with the development of resistance of our movement, and defeated. Afterall, our movement can not be crushed and/or eliminated with those methods anymore.
Therefore, denial and destruction system has now overcome and excepts the existence of the Kurds by saying, yet in reality still do not except the kurds as a people and do not recognise any fundamental rights of the Kurdish people. And, wants to rebuild a new denial and annihilation system on top of this.      

On this basis, in fact, denial and and annihilation policies are still on the agenda and continues. In saying, there is a suppose change, yet this is aiming to deceive and mislead the Kurdish people and international public opinion. Showing itself as soft power, but this means a genocide of the kurdish people through oppression and attacks. In this respect, there is no change in the denial and destruction system. In all levels of the ideological, political, economic, social, cultural and military areas attacks continues for the destruction of the kurdish people by the system. The military occupation, economic and political colonializm, and cultural genocide still continues in Kurdistan. As you all know, the elected and non-elected politicians have been arrested and charged in front of the eyes of everyone and put them in the prison without any legal basis for not to participate into legal politics. The operations of the military as well as operations of the police are continuing.


The AKP is conducting an atrocity. AKP trying to deceive everyone through so called 'initiative' and by excepting the existence of the Kurds and say individuals may call themselves as a Kurd, but on the other hand continues to carry out the policies of extermination. This is continue to be practises through a military and political operations, and special warfare tactics in all levels and areas. Tomorrow, this destruction policies may also turn into a total destruction as well. Indeed, Tayyip Erdogan said ' who do not like it, should leave' dring his visit the city of Hakkari.       

The system can show similar approach to the kurds as what they have done to Armenians and Greeks in the past. There plans to do this. These are shows that the denial and destructive policies and the danger of a genocide on the Kurds, are still continues to be demonstrate. In this regard, kurdish people should and needs to give a strong multi-faceted struggle against this danger of genocide. People should give a struggle for their freedom and independency, and against all forms of colonialism. People have to give a struggle against the cultural genocide to maintain their language, culture, identity and freedom in order to have posphorus lifes. The resistance against the colonialism also needed on the areas of economy and politcs, and must fight against the military occupation. In short, there is a need to resist against the colonialism and genocide policies in order to protect its own existence. Because, the threat of the annihilation policies and the danger of genocide is not less than the ones at the past.  

To re-creating a system of a denial and annihilation is not only the work of the administration of Turkey, on the contrary, the US-UK-Israeli Alliance is the ones who are executing this policy. Therefore, kurdish people needs to take this very seriously and give a struggle that needs to be given. (A short translation of the interview made by the ANF / 19-04-2010).