Bayik: The issue is being discussed in a wrong manner

The resolution should be a matter of discussion, not the prevention of operations.

KCK Executive Committee Deputy Chair Cemal Bayik spoke to Firat News Agency with regards to the policies that are preventing a resolution. He stated that although the issue has been discussed after the Semzinan operation, the discussion was carried out in the same mentality.

Bayik, asking all to seek a genuine answer to the question why the resistance is continuing without self deception, said that “everybody should know that the resistance of the Kurdish people will continue until the question is resolved. Nobody should underestimate the PKK’s experience of resistance”.

Bayik also emphasised that it will be difficult to formulate accurate policies as long as the issue is judged to be one of terrorism.

Bayik, explaining that annihilating a just struggle through efforts based on psychological war is an unscientific view, continued to say that “It should firstly be emphasised that it is impossible to prevent the operational capacity of the guerrilla. As long as Kurdish people demand freedom, the political and operational power of our movement will continue to exist. It is impossible to create a context in which the guerrilla cannot continue with its operations. Most probably, the capacity of intelligence and technology is not beyond that of the USA. It is known that the USA resorts to political and other methods instead of the military means when it encounters problems. The just cause of the Kurdish Liberation Struggle cannot be suppressed through psychological war”.

Nobody should underestimate PKK’s experience of resistance
Bayik explained that, according to recent discussions, Turkey is not drawing the lessons from the past. He said that “Everybody should know that the Kurdish people will continue to struggle as long as the question is not resolved. Nobody should underestimate the PKK’s political experience, and the multi-dimensional experience of resistance. It is a movement that knows how to continue to exist and struggle under great difficulties and discomfort. Nobody should delude themselves when trying to answer why the PKK cannot be destroyed and why resistance is continuing. It is impossible to bring an end to resistance as long as Kurdish question is not resolved. The reason for the Turkish state to deal with Leader Apo and the PKK is to incapacitate this will.

Cemal Bayik also replied to the defamation that the PKK is a subcontracting organisation. He characterised the statements of Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister, as “amoral”. He continued to say that “the prime minister is deceiving the people of Turkey, instead of accepting that he carried out a failed annihilation policy. The real subcontractor is Turkey that frequents the USA and Israel. This approach is the expression of failure in resolution”.

Bayik gave various examples as to the subcontractor position of Turkey: Is it not this state and government, which are marketing them by mentioning their strategic importance everyday? Is it also not them who frequent the USA and Israel lobbies everyday instead of solving the Kurdish question with their own citizens? Is it also not them who fight against Kurdish Liberation Movement with technolgy borrowed from USA and Israel? Accusing the PKK of subcontracting in order to cover these realities is grossly amoral. The society is being deceived. There is no other power that fights as independently as the PKK. Everybody knows that its independent will is based on its society. One of those who know this best is MIT (National Intelligence Organisation).

Cemal Bayik also drew attention to the fact that the Turkish state is also sending messages to external powers through such statements. “The Turkish state wants everybody to support it and adopt its policies. It wants everybody to fight against Kurdish Liberation Movement for Turkey. It wants others to do what it has failed in. In fact, it is getting support. However, its war and policies are so unjust and ugly that other powers cannot openly be a party to this policy and war”.

Bayik also replied Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s statements. “On the other hand, Abdullah Gul says that our resistance against the system of denial and annihilation is a danger to the international and regional situation due to which they are conducting these operations in a hurry. Now we understand better what Gul meant when he said that good things will happen. He meant that the international and regional conditions are suitable for our annihilation as a result of which he said that good things will happen. It has also become clear that the policy named the democratic initiative was a disguise for the annihilation policy. When we said that there is an annihilation policy, the circles close to the AKP insisted that there is no such thing in order to distract the Kurdish Liberation Movement. This is what the president has now openly accepted”.

May God protect everybody against the democratic initiative of the AKP

Cemal Bayik characterised AKP’s discourse on democratic initiative as a method of psychological warfare. He explained that insisting that there is a democratic initiative while following a policy of political massacre means to insult the reason of the society. He also explained that the intensification of conflicts is due to lack of a genuine initiative.

“Turkey has again been drawn into a violent conflict as the AKP has not conducted a democratic initiative and deceived society. This situation has occurred because of the lack of a democratic initiative. The AKP has degenerated and exhausted the democratic initiative. Had there been a real initiative neither the MHP nor any other power could talk against it. The AKP carried out a psychological war under the cover of the initiative, turning it into a tactic to win the election. As a result, it has betrayed the people of Turkey by causing the conflicts. This reality, in relation to the AKP, has to be well understood in order to prevent any further deceptions of the society”.

Explaining that no democratic initiative can be worth anything from a government that did not accept education in the mother tongue, has taken politicians as hostages and imprisoned them, and arrested the peace delegates who were sent on the request of Mr Ocalan 9 months later, drew attention to following issues: “It is a sheer hypocrisy that the president still talks about democratic initiative. Even many of the people who supported him accepted that the initiative turned out to be hollow. What have you done in the last one and a half years to talk about a democratic initiative? This is the stage to which the prime minister drew Turkey while talking about democratic initiative. May God protect everybody against such initiatives of the AKP”.