Kalkan: Ceasefire may be extended if Turkey gives guarantees

Duran Kalkan, member of the Executive Council of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK)

Duran Kalkan, member of the Executive Council of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) and one of the remaining founders of the PKK says no ceasefire is on the agenda unless Turkish government officially takes steps and gives guarantees to solve the Kurdish Question. “We don't believe Turkish government, we don't trust them. We need guarantees” he said.

Reminding that all of the ceasefires declared by the KCK was unilateral Kalkan said this time the Kurdish movement has to be realistic and won't take a step unless it's assured to do so.

Speaking on the popular resistance in Arab world Kalkan said the developments in Middle East has influence on KCK's decision to end the ceasefire. “These developments has a positive impact on Kurdish struggle. We have more duties and responsibilities now. We have to struggle with more power and efficiency now” he said.

Kalkan also said the popular resistance in Kurdistan will be decisive on developing a solution to the Kurdish Question. Acknowledging the importance of the 12 June general elections Kalkan said “but the resistance of the people is more important. The outcome of the elections are almost clear”.

Kalkan criticized Turkish government for not lowering the 10 percent election threshold which is key to the Kurdish representation in Turkey's parliament.

Kalkan also mentioned the arrest campaign against the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) before the elections. According to Kalkan since the declaration of unilateral ceasefire on August 2010 more than 500 members of the BDP were arrested whom are mostly the important local figures of the Kurdish political movement.

Kalkan said that ruling AKP is blocking all the ways of democratic and peaceful ways to struggle for Kurdish people's rights. He compared the AKP's politics with the military junta tactics of 1980 and said that Kurdish people has no choice but resist by all means possible against the politics of the Turkish state. “We are ready for a peaceful solution, we did not step back on that. We are ready to whatever it takes” Kalkan said.

“We are open to any options. We will prevail on this struggle and will end the struggle with the solution of the Kurdish Question”