Karayilan: Our aim is democratic solution to the Kurdish Question

The President of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Executive Council Murat Karayilan said the aim of the Kurdish political movement is to reach to a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question.

Speaking to ANF Turkish Service Karayilan said the latest protest wave of Kurdish people against the decision by the High Electoral Committee which banned Kurdish politicians from entering the elections showed the power of the Kurdish struggle. Karayilan said that the protests forced the Turkish government to withdraw the ban.

"But our aim is not only making gains in the elections. Our final aim is reaching to a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question" he said.

Karayilan said if the number of Kurdish representatives in the Turkish parliament increase the way to a democratic solution will be paved.

Karayilan also paid tribute to �brahim Oruc who was killed in Bismil during the protests and called him "a martyr of victory". He sent condolences to his family.

Speaking about the latest military operations of Turkey against Kurdish guerrillas Karayilan warned that the circumstances are getting more difficult for the guerrillas to protect their non-action position.

Kurdish guerrillas declared an unilateral ceasefire until the general elections after the proposal from Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. But Turkish army continues its operation against Kurdish guerrillas.

At least 5 Kurdish guerrillas were killed during military operations past week.

For the solution of problems in South Kurdistan, KCK Murat Karay�lan made the following suggestions; “We are of the opinion that the forces of both the opposition and the government need to find an interim remedy by taking the sensitivity of the process into consideration. The opposition forces, at this stage, should approach the process with reasonable, fair demands that really base on democracy, fair sharing and superiority of law, not with impossible and radical demands. And the government should display a positive approach to demands on this ground and approve them. A rapprochement must be developed on this basis”.

Calling on both sides to take violence out of the political arena, Karay�lan underlined that no one will ever gain a benefit in this way.

Karay�lan continued as follows; “On this basis, we are calling on both sides to behave responsible and solve the problems between each other through dialogue and discussion in this significant phase of the history. We would like it be known that we are ready to do anything for the development of a fair order, democracy and stability in the Kurdistan region. In this sense, we can make contributions in various ways. We are in favor of stability. We are in favor of Kurdish people’s unity and the development of justice and democracy. In this respect, we regard the positive approach of both sides as significant; underline that the solution of the problem on this basis and without further crisis will be the most appropriate manner for the interests of our people in Kurdistan and all Kurdish people. We view a solution necessary on this basis."