Karayilan: Only two options left for Kurdish people

President of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Murat Karayilan

President of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Murat Karayilan said only two options -resistance or peace- left for Kurdish people after the 12 June elections.

Speaking to ANF Turkish service Karayilan commented about the possible outcome of the general elections which he says will have a direct impact on Kurdish Question. Underlining the importanca of Kurdish Question Karayilan said “Turkey can not be a democratic country unless it solves the Kurdish Question. And it can not achieve the goal of economic development.”

Karayilan criticized the harsh statements of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He labelled the statements of Erdogan as very dangerous and accused Erdogan for acting irresponsible. Karayilan said the attitude of Erdogan increases the tension between Kurds and Turks.

Karayilan said that Kurdish people have shown their will to solve the problem by peaceful means and they are demanding democratic autonomy.“We have started the autonomy process” he said. “There is no turning back.”

Karayilan repeated their stance against the Turkish government by saying “If leaders of Turkish will give certaing guarantees the process will lead to a peaceful solution. But if they continue to say 'all of there are terrorist' then Kurdish people will resist and form democratic autonomy”.He also called all Kurds to support the independent candidates and said “All votes to the Block will be for peace and the others are all for war.”ANF