Karayilan: HPG forces will settle into the Iranian border

President of the People�s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Murat Karayilan

President of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Murat Karayilan remarked that the United States is involved in the operation for intending to weaken both the PKK and Iran. Noting that Iran has stopped the intensive attacks and PJAK is lessening its actions, Karayılan said; “Unless the Iranian state launches its attacks again, guerrilla forces will not attack either. We are taking some additional measures to avoid a further conflict. Our own powers HPG forces will replace the HRK guerrillas at the border line whom we are moving back now.

* The process of intense conflicts and Iran's attempts to invade South Kurdistan seems to have settled down. What's the latest situation about conflicts with Iran?
- The Iranian state’s goal in launching the operation was to occupy Kandil. In fact, this plan, which intended to weaken Kurds and their strategies, was launched as part of a comprehensive concept against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. This plan consists of not only Turkey and Iran but also the Iraqi government and it also aims to include the Kurdish regional government as well. The operation targets all Kurds in conjunction with the PKK and PJAK.

* This operation is said to be supported by America in some measure. Why does America give support to Iran whom it sees as an enemy?
- America also knows this plan and provides support in a way as it wants the PKK and Iran to weaken. At the same time, conflict on the borders of Iraq will serve to the formation of a public opinion towards a longer staying of the of U.S. troops in Iraq. In short, there is a situation which is beyond Iran and involves Iran as well.

* Did Iran attain the expected result?
- The Iranian state couldn’t attain its desire as the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas, PJAK forces in particular, showed a very serious and bravery resistance. On the contrary, the Iranian army suffered great losses and an increasing blockage. Meanwhile, Iran was sort of left alone as other forces supporting Iran stood behind when they saw Iran sweating.

* Will HPG forces enter into a conflict if Iran re-launches its operations?
-The current conflict situation has come to a critical point because, it Iran re-launches its operations in this phase, we, as PKK, will also need to step in the process besides PJAK. As the PKK, we have not declared any war against Iran and we don’t want to fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran. In such a phase, when the international powers want to re-design the region, our movement doesn’t consider it right to fight against Iran who is the second target to be besieged after Syria. For the present, we don’t have an agenda to battle against Iran but we will have to take a decision to fight if Iran attacks on our positions and exhibits a hostile attitude to the Kurdish people. So, we are standing at a critical point.

We are making a call to the Iranian government; "You cannot receive any result from targeting the Kurdish people. You should give an end to this conflict. The continuation of this conflict is wanted by America whose interest your attacks serve to. This is a stratagem. The problem needs to be approached with a strategic perspective, not narrowly. If the Iranian state takes notice of our call and ends its attacks, we as the PKK will not have to launch any action against Iran. We are on the side of peace, not conflict. However, if our people are targeted with conflict, constraint and repression despite all our efforts, we will no doubt resist with a great determination”.

Concerning the situation in Turkey, Karayılan said; “It is a great contradiction of Turkey to deem fascist implementations proper for the Kurdish people within its own borders, while displaying an attitude against repressions in foreign countries. Erdogan cannot achieve any results without overcoming this contradiction.

It is clear that Turkey itself needs to be democratic and solve its own problems before giving democracy lessons to others. The policies, which apply violence and repression against the Kurdish people and give advice to others about democracy, do not work."